2024 Math Competition

Algebra and Number Theory


Jiwu Jang from Lexington Alpha also scored 34.59, but had the lowest tiebreaker out of the 34.59 scorers.

Combinatorics and Computer Science

The following participants also had 27.17 points which tied for 7th, but due to tiebreakers, they were not in the top 10. In order of their tiebreaker (best tiebreaker first): Alexander Gu [The Jigglypuff Ate], Amos Zhang [UTS A], Jason Liu [PA Tiger 2022], Alexander Sun [Texas Alpha], Vishal Nandakumar [The Jigglypuff Fat], Sounak Bagchi [:blobcosy:], Samarth Bhargav [The Jigglypuff Fat], Jason Mao [red panda = blobheart]

Theoretical Computer Science

Team Round

Overall (Individuals)

Overall (Teams)