General FAQ

How do I register for CMIMC?

Click the math tab to see more information.

Are there any registration fees?

No! All of our contests are free.

Who can participate?

All high school students (and younger grades) can participate.

Who organizes CMIMC?

CMIMC is organized by students at Carnegie Mellon University. Our current organizers can be found here

Math Contest FAQ

When is the math contest?

The math contest happens in-person at Carnegie Mellon University in late March/early April.

How many people per team?

Teams consist of up to 6 students. Full teams of 6 are highly recommended, but smaller teams can also register - see the next FAQ below.

I can't find enough team members for a full team!

Teams of 1-5 students will have the option to merge with other teams. We will do our best to pair you up with a suitable team!

How many teams can an organization register?

There is no limit on the number of teams.

Are there prizes for winning?

Yes! We will award trophies to the top teams, and medals to the top individuals.

What mini-events will there be?

Our (tentative) list of mini-events include integration bees, tetris tournaments, estimathons, and more fun activities!

Programming Contest FAQ

When is the programming contest?

The programming contest happens in late April. 

How many people per team?

Teams consist of up to 3 students.

Can I participate individually?

You can form a 1-person team, but you may be at a disadvantage compared to full teams.

Are there any prizes for winning?


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