2023 Math Competition

Algebra and Number Theory

Kevin Liu from Florida Alligators also scored 42.16, but had the lowest tiebreaker out of the 42.16 scorers.


Shaohuan Zhang from Motown All-Stars also scored 34.59, but had the lowest tiebreaker out of the 34.59 scorers.

Combinatorics and Computer Science

The following participants also had 32.59 points which tied for 8th, but due to tiebreakers, they were not in the top 10. In order of their tiebreaker (best tiebreaker first): Nikhil Mudumbi [BCA1],  Jiahe Liu [xor], Jason Liu [PATiger2022], Aidan Duncan [Lexington Alpha], Kevin Liu [PATiger2022], Jaiden Shin [BCA1], Locke Cai [Pirates A], Ritwin Narra [six-o-mode], Kevin Liu [Florida Alligators], Isabella Zhu [The Jigglypuff Attacked], George Cao [MHSProfessionalJobbers], Justin Zhang [BCA 1], 

Theoretical Computer Science

Team Round

Overall (Individuals)

Overall (Teams)